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BUILDING WHAT HELPS (The Art of Forming)

Aktualisiert: 22. Dez. 2021

Leadership by Everyone | Reflection 5

Imagine a beehive and zoom in to marvel at its hexagonal honeycombs, the connecting beeswax and the underlying organic fabric. A perfect example of nature's organic structures.

Take some time to ask yourself:

• Which structural frames would aid my life or my company?

• Where in my company does it feel narrow, constricted?

• How much space does life get here?

• What patterns can you discern?

• How does the company's DNA express itself in its form?

• What's the glue that keeps things together?

• What is built well? What is or should be under construction?

• Which structure fits you and your company?

• Which of the emergent dynamics would you have changed?


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