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Let's get radical about leadership

Aktualisiert: 9. März 2021

Let's get to the roots of leadership.

With thousands of leadership theories out there, "leadership" has become a nonsense-word with all and no meaning at the same time.

Let us get more radical. Let us get to its roots.

Mary Follett taught us back in 1924 that leadership is for all and by all. It is an activity we all do.

We all lead. We all influence. Regardless whether we lead our lives, lead conversations or lead the cooperative processes of a team. We all share in the constant creation of our social worlds and thus the experiences we and others make.

Two questions immediately spring from this:

1. How do you offer your leadership in a way that that makes your work place (or any other social world you choose) a better place - adding to the unfolding of its potentials?

2. How do you offer your leadership in a way that doesn't exhaust you, but contributes to the growth, maturation and well-being of your own inner world, the unfolding of your very self?

This series will address these and related questions around the notion of LEADERSHIP BY EVERYONE.


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