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Mary Follett Quotes

Some original quotes by Mary Follett on the leadership of everyone:

„Genuine power can only be grown, it will slip from every arbitrary hand that grasps it; for genuine power is not coercive control, but coactive control.“ (Creative Experience 1942:xiii)

When that [law of the situation] is found the employee could issue direction to the employer as well as employer to employee“ (Freedom & Co-ordination 1949:22)

„But there is following. Leader and followers are both following the invisible leader - the common purpose.“ (F&C:55)

„Surely with the world in its present condition we have a task before us which may indeed appeal to the [socially] constructive passion in any man – in every man.“ (F&C:89).

Isn't it striking how these words, published posthumously in the '40s, but written in the '20s and '30s, feel so 21st century?!


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