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Resonance-ability (Rosa 3)

Aktualisiert: 11. Juni 2021

In Rosa's analysis of our late modern time as a "resonance pathology" he makes the point that by our striving for world control we instrumentalize and thereby loose "touch" with it. For we cannot control what we are in touch with and we cannot be touched by what we control. This is due to the fact that anything that touches us automatically impacts us. We all know this from the many woes and pains of humanity that we (in an understandable act of self-protection) take our eyes away from. Because we fear what might happen if we allowed it to truly touch and thereby move us. This is not far from Buber's difference between an I - Thou and an I - It relation. Whatever and whoever we dare to encounter in a dialogical and resonant I - Thou relation (or in the words of Lévinas: "face-to-face") in a certain sense becomes a part of us in the circular flow of mutual shaping. Thus the big questions that Rosa's analysis leads to are that of a how we build a resonant society and resonant organisations right in the face of a late modern logic of life in which we have all learned to "mute" our axes of resonance and by that habit all too often have lost some level of resonance-ability.

I find this a great framework for regaining life at our work places!


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