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Resonance or alienation? (Rosa 2)

Aktualisiert: 11. Juni 2021

According to Rosa's analysis it is the underlying structures of our late modern society that drive, even force us to choose two unwholesome life strategies:

- to maximise our resources and

- to expand our range of options and influence.

Combined they serve well to increase our level of world mastery and self realisation.

However, at the same time, they eat us up. They alienate us from ourselves and from others and dramatically decrease our capacity for experiencing our world in a positively resonant relation and leave our "axes of resonance" mute, cold and rigid.

Still, we all keep experiencing moments of vibration, touch and breathing. And we have a part in choosing to make room for these "oases of life".

What are the "oases of life" in which you feel moved and touched, responsive and fluid, sensitive and enriched and, in general, carried by and filled with life?


#organizationaesthetics #resonance #unfolding #leadershipeveryone

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