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STRENGTHENING BEAUTY (The Art of Connecting)

Leadership by Everyone | Reflection 6

Imagine a snowflake in its beauty when viewed under a microscope. It is a unique constellation of crystals connected to and interwoven with other such structures, together forming fragile figurations of the dancing snow.

Take some time to ask yourself:

• What - in the dynamics within my area of responsibility - is really working well today?

• Which are the moments in business life that I enjoy most? And how frequent are they?

• What would be really beautiful?

• What might be the contribution of this strange and on first sight alienating perspective?

• What is not yet playing together well?

• What are the dissonant moments? What is jarring?

• How to connect to this dissonance to open up possibilities for productive conflict and transformation?

• What are the spaces for unfolding?

• What needs a deep and honest conversation between two human beings?

• Where should your attention go next?


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